• Gymnotes #2 is having his 9th birthday party on Friday night.  9 boys, sleeping over, swimming and spa…and it’s a WWE theme.  I can’t even link it now, but it’s the SMACKDOWN wrestling thingy that he is currently obsessed with (yeah, ending a sentence with a preposition, sorry English people)…I need ideas for what to DO that night?  We are watching Smackdown, and vying for the Title Belt, but this Mom is so out of ideas. 
  • Running Team Name.  We need a team name to wear to our Half in Fresno.  Kim is 35, and I’m *cough* 49 and we started running on Halloween.  Our town is Ripon.  We want it to say *Membership: 2*.  We are slow.  Ripon River Rats?  HELP????
  • We ran 4.4 this morning.  Each of us with a bathroom stop.  This is her first one.  I felt slightly smug…”Oh, look at you needing to stop”….LOL  I probably have to stop 2 out of 3 times…We did a 10:50 pace.

That’s it for today.  I could use some help, if you’re so inclined.

8 thoughts on “WWE Woes & Running Club Help

  1. Oh my gawd! I would poop my pants. 9 boys AND WWE themed party?!? You are a SAINT! As for ideas . . . hmmmm I’m not sure since we’re into Barbie and My Little Pony over here HAHA

  2. OMG i agree with the comments above! NINE boys and a WWE theme – EEK!

    great job on the run… i am horrible at team names.

  3. I feel your pain, have two boys of my own and when we have the other boys over it is TOTAL anarchy. Team name……….hmmmmmmmm…..let me think and I will get back to you.

  4. I assume you got smacked down. That is, unless you had a palette of duct tape to keep those boys in line.

    How about Rickety Ripon Runners … get it? ‘Cause you’re old …


  5. 9 boys, that’s way too many!! You poor thing, watching Smackdown should be enough, they could thumb wrestle for a prize, and then I would give them all a piece of paper and have them come up with their own WWE names, without writing their actual names and have a third party pick the winner.

    For the Running Club, I don’t like River Rats, sorry, but I really don’t have anything better, Rickety from Viper made me laugh though!

  6. I give you credit–the birthday party sounds as if it will be a popular event,great ideas. Good run too. Do you think that the Dodgers will make it past the first round?

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