I have the day off today (~~cheers~~) and am off to see the Orthopedic Doctor.  Yes, Doctor.  They want to look at my foot.  I ran 2x this weekend, and felt fabulous.  Once on the treadmill, and once yesterday, outside with Kim.

Today, I limp gingerly walk across the floor…

I went to the Newcomers Lunch at church yesterday, and I cannot tell you how much I hate that kind of stuff, but I really love this church…They wanted to take everyone’s picture, so I hid in the back.  I have been dipped, dunked and sprinkled and saved so many times in my life it’s actually become a hobby.  Heh. 

Today, it’s going to be 80, and gorgeous. 

Congrats to Marcy for finishing her first marathon…I’m so glad for her!  She is like the Oprah of the blogging running community, except she doesn’t give away cars or anything!  Still waiting on a race report from Viper, too.

As for the Huskers, Razzdoodle, NikeMom and Husker Running, I want you to know I stayed on the treadmill that whole last run until they made their touchdown.  That was a great game!  (This does beg the question:  “Why do I read so many runner’s blogs from Nebraska?”

OOOOOOOOO The Dodgers made the series 2-1.  There is hope.  🙂

4 thoughts on “I’m Off to see the Wizard

  1. ROFLMAO! If I had that kinda money you know I’d be all about giving away free cars LMAO! Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Well, wait no more. This handsome devil has posted … finally. Good luck at the doc. Don’t let him saw your foot off.

    Go Phillies!

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