Yes, you.  Doctor.  You know who you are.  You kept me waiting for 1 hour and 2 minutes, while you stood outside my door, shot the shit, chatted with the nurses, instructed your intern.  No, I am not on crutches, no broken bones, nothing exciting.

You laughed at me when you found out I’m training for a Half Marathon, but hadn’t run (until Saturday) for 10 days.  HELLO?  I have PF.  You know PF.  You know what you told me?  That I needed to have surgery to take blood OUT of my body, spin out the platelets, and inject them into my foot.  That I would be in a LOT of pain, and it would take 6 weeks to heal.  Thanks for that.

Also, thanks for the 10% discount on NEW shoes AGAIN…does your brother own the store?  You said I could also purchase $350 orthotics.

Ultimately?  You told me to keep wearing The Sock.  Um, okay.  I got that advice from Frank, and found the sock, and now you tell me that’s all I need!  You told me to keep icing my foot.  You told me to keep running.

Uh, yeah.  I’ll get back to you on the whole platelet thing.  Meanwhile, we went over and got some KILLER SUSHI for lunch.  One more reason to love California…

Meanwhile, over at BLUE NOTES, the Dodger live Blog is gearing up for what looks to be a fantastic time in Chavez Ravine tonight.  It’s LIVE, I’m there, so come on over.  If you root for Phillie however, we’ll put you on perma-ignore.  It’s do or die for us tonight.  After last night’s ultra-exciting game, however, I’d like to keep Manny in his seat for a bit.  Please.

Pinkness.  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Thanks for Dare-to-tri, Marathon Me (Frank) and Mizfit for highlighting this on their blogs.  I’d like a big shout out to Mona in New Hampshire, who just underwent a double mastectomy.  She is a rock star, and I’m so proud of her.   Mizfit got me thinking this morning about heroes. 

Mona.  She’s mine.

PS.  I’m running.  I’m looking for a 10K in Northern CA this weekend, if anyone knows of one.

10 thoughts on “You’re unbelievable

  1. Sorry about your WONDERFUL experience with your doctor.
    Thanks, though, for the reminder of it being Cancer Awareness Month….I keep meaning to post something on my blog related to that….my mother is a survivor of Breast, Uterine, and Lymph cancer. Thanks again.

  2. Doctors are so smart. That’s why they’re called doctors.

    I won’t say anything about the Dodgers because I know that sting.

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