Get out and run 10K.  We had to revise our plan of going to the 10K at Half Moon Bay, because we found a closer 10K.  In Hal Higdon’s plan, we are running a 10K race this weekend, so I spent 2 hours looking for one the other night before our 4.5.  With our limited resources, we still find $25 to go and race. 

I run, because I can.  I’ve said this before.  My stomach is not back in perfect GI health, and my foot continues to plague me, but this is not enough to deter me from The Plan.  The Plan is to run the Half Marathon.  To finish. 

But, that’s not all.  It’s enough that I’m going to be 50 in February.  I don’t feel old, but um…the facts are, that when I tell my students that I was born in 1959, they look at me in shock.  Much like I used to feel about my teachers when they talked about being born in the 30s.  Like, no way.  So I’m not really running because I’m going to be 50.

I’m going to be 50 because I run. 

Random thoughts:

  • The Dodgers’ loss to the Phillies continues to plague me.  We have a young team.  Will they be able to gel for next year?
  • Fresno State has a bye tonight.  Aren’t they ranked anymore?
  • The Modesto Bee.  If the Dodgers win, it’s on the little back pages…If someone else, anyone else beats them, it’s front page news.

I’m icing my foot, wearing The Sock, and hopefully will be able to run the 10K.  All. The. Way.

Good luck to the runners this weekend!  SQ ran the New Bern Neuse River Bridge Run this morning, in a great time!!

**If I Ever Lose My Faith In You**, by Sting

6 thoughts on “**If I ever lose my faith**

  1. Good luck with the 10K. I have to say “The Sock” worked wonders for me. Hope it works out for you.

  2. This is like how I tell people I’ll run my last marathon when I turn 100. Youth is a state of mind.

    Sorry I cursed your Dodgers.

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