**From I’m Not Runnin’ Anymore, by John Mellencamp

I’m now going to have to get my running information vicariously from you bloggers.  I can barely walk on my foot, after teaching all day.  I ran 4.5 on Tuesday, and was seriously LIMPING the next day.  Unless something else happens, this Gymnotes Rat will have to support.  Perhaps, I will be able to run 5Ks.  I doubt I will be ready for the Half, but I’ll go and support Kim.

At what point do you say, “not today”?

I don’t have the energy for self-pity or depression about it; it’s just what IS.  I’ve been icing, rolling, socking, etc.  After watching John Mellencamp on this YouTube of Jay Leno, I feel better.  He is the master of making your hobby into something good.  Perhaps I can somehow knit my way into a job…or cook…or read…(wait a minute.  i sound really old here.  i haven’t knitted in a year, and i cooked a pot of chili last week, so i doubt i could make a living at it.)  I still am a licensed Therapist, but it’s not my gig right now.  Wow, that was not what I was going to write about here…

Or I could blog for a living.  HAHAHA (I saw a contestant on the Trivial Pursuit gameshow, briefly because I hate game shows…and her profession was A BLOGGER!  I laughed so hard.)

I love the lyrics :

Well I look in the mirror – what the hell happened to me?
Whatever I had has gone away
I’m not the young kid that I used to be
So I push the hair back out of my face
That’s O.K., I knew this would happen
But I was hopin’ not today
Hey Baby, I’m not running anymore
But I’m on my way

I’m on my way
I’m on my way
I’m on my way
And I’m not running anymore

Update on my poker runs.  My boss is concerned that the school board will frown upon us using POKER for a class.  Maybe the school board should have some cocaine drop in their laps for them to wake up.  I’m not gambling, I’m *meeting kids where they are*…the big catchphrase of the day.

Today, we played the Straight Game, instead.  The first person who had their cards in a row from Ace down to 2, won.  I’m sure somehow the board won’t like that either.  Tell me, how do you do PE when all you have is a cement slab or a Yoga room?

3 thoughts on “**I knew this would happen but I was hopin’ not today

  1. Oh please! That should be the last of their concerns! Their child is getting exercise and having fun. That’s a no-brainer in my book.


  2. i wish i could blog for a living too 🙂 i promise i would be really good!!!

    i hope your foot feels better 😦

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