We were playing Pictionary, yes Pictionary in 6th period yesterday.  Who am I to scoff at enrichment of Vocabulary Development??  One of the boys, a kid who *seems* to claim a gang asks me to put on this song. 

I put it on.  The room is swaying.  I like it.  …But, it’s “gangster”.  Is it?  I guess the whole gun thing, and poker, and…many of my kids look like this singer, or try to emulate him.  I can’t tell you how many times we have to have kids take off a red or blue shirt, turn stuff inside out, etc. because it’s too gang related.

Is this any different, really than what we listened to in 7th grade?  We didn’t have Youtube, or video or anything…but we had music exactly like this…unrequited love, pleading for love, etc.  Pick a song, it was always about love. 

I remember not understanding what *making love* meant.  Until I was old.  Much older.  It was the 70s.  I was naive.

We played Pictionary, and listened to oldies.  The boys told me what they loved best about this song was Marvin Gaye.  NOW, they are speaking my language…Al Green, Marvin Gaye…Suavacito. 

Happy Weekend.  Listen, and see if that doesn’t get in your head.  Look at how BEAUTIFUL Marvin is with his feather.

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