In the two years since I’ve been blogging, I’ve only blogged one other time about my faith.  I never blog about it, because it’s become incredibly personal to me since I first accepted the *Jesus People* call in the early 70s. 

I accepted Christ at the ripe old age of 13.  Then again practically every time I screwed up, which was often.  I kept thinking that the more I got dipped, blessed, saved or dunked, I would be able to stop my bad behavior.  I finally got sober at age 20 in 1979.  Since then, I have been all over the Spiritual Map with Zen, New Age, Buddhaism study, pondered becoming a Catholic, loved Judaism, etc.  I knew all along I was a Christian, but it was very inconvenient for a number of reasons, which I won’t go into here, since this post is about my 11 year old son.

Today, we were listening to the sermon in our new church home.  Well, he has another church home…he has one with his Dad, and one with me.  The pastor was talking about that verse in John 14: 6…(I am the Way, the Truth and the Life…that one)…and asked people to pray. 

I suddenly realized that at some point I was going to let my son make this decision on his own, because he is a *Cradle Christian*…baptized at age 6 months, without his permission.  In our home before we separated, we went to church every week, but there was no God living here with us.  We went to Christian school, he was a Deacon, I helped with the Sunday School, but real Christianity…it just wasn’t happening.  I was hoping my son would somehow find Christ on his own… but I didn’t know it would be today.

So, the pastor asks who prayed the prayer.  He raised his hand in the throng of hundreds, and the pastor asked everyone to come to the altar.  My son did, then went with the pastors and the 30 or so people who also prayed and accepted Christ. 

I realized it was a red letter day.  His red letter day.  And, I didn’t know that I would be so very happy for him, based on my own earlier confusion/indecision/ambivalence.  I gave him a card tonight, and the very Bible my grandmother gave to me in 1971.  We had a special dinner and we’re off to play Boy Scout Monopoly.

Funny thing.  His acceptance solidified my belief and love for Christ.  It really has been Him who’s been here all along.  I just forget at times.

Oh Happy Day.

**From Hey Now You’re A Rock Star, by Smashmouth

5 thoughts on “**The water’s getting warm so you might as well swim

  1. Oh how I love to see a young child come to know Christ on his own. So many of us make it too difficult, but John 14:6 is really IT all in a nutshell, “no one comes to the Father except thru me”.

    We had a confirmation at my sisters today and of course everyone wanted to know why my church doesn’t confirm their kids….so many rules, hate it!

  2. Thanks for being so open about your faith in Christ. It’s the best decision I ever made. We as christians fail many times,but He never fails us. I admire you for your openness and for sharing that very special moment with your son. Pray also for my friend Butch,he just found out that he has a very serious form of throat cancer. I’m still praying for your family.

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