I’m such a whiner.

Here I am with this foot, this stupid foot, and all I can think about is how much I like to eat, and how this foot is going to prevent me from filling my pie hole as much as I want. 

I’m essentially an *all or nothing* type.  Many students, friends and loves know this.  I am either 0 or 100mph.  I have been known to actually get high off of too much chocolate.  I went through a period of obsessing with all things knitting…This is with everything I do.  So, for me, running was a way to manage the food love affair…  I eat, I run, I lose weight.   FABULOUS!

I suddenly realized that there are MANY of you, (Dare to Tri, for one) who have actual weather conditions that prevent you from running.  SNOW.  If I lived in snow, I’d never run.  Yet, folks like Viper, et al have a plan…they have snow.  They deal with it.  Me?  I’d wallow in my own self pity and blog about it until, well, Spring.

So, thank you I’ll Run For Donuts guy, for emailing me about my foot.  Thanks to all of you for keeping me motivated.  I’m not running today.  I hope to run sometime.  Maybe sooner than later. 

It’s 79 degrees here in California.  All my windows are open.  I don’t have inclement weather.  My foot will heal, and then I’ll be back.  I swear.  I have to.  Until then, it’s backing off the pasta carb love that I got goin’.  I’ll be watching everyone from the sidelines…

I just spent the day in Professional Development.  That must be the reason I’m so hopeful.  Sitting around is not my style.  Not. At. All.

**From An Officer And A Gentleman.

8 thoughts on “**No sir. You can kick me outta here, but I ain’t quitting.

  1. Hey – That club is not exclusive!! I’m a member of the Whiner Club too, I think everyone is at some point or another, some of us just whine more than others. I know I whine more than some of my friends, they probably just tune me out! LOL! Keep taking care of the foot, and put away those carbs!

  2. I have, on occassion, felt the need to whine. I am currently dealing with a minor knee problem. All I can do is think about how much I am not running, how stressed I am getting, and as a result how much food I am eating. However, as I tell my students, “Things can ALWAYS be worse”.
    Keep the spirits up, it will all come back to you very soon.

  3. 79 degrees and windows open!? I’ll have you know I had to scrape ice off my windshield this morning before taking the kids to school. It’s always fun to rake fall leaves and shovel your lawn at the same time. 79 degrees!??

  4. Isn’t that why we’re all here, to bitch and moan? I thought it was.

    Tonight, I plan some speed work in the cold rain. Should be DEE-LIGHT-FULL!

  5. OH honey – whine away. I am much the same way. I whined when I pulled my hamstring and couldn’t lift, its not the only thing you can do. As for running, if your foot is hurt, it WILL heal. But if you feel the need to DO something in that enjoyable weather, go out in your 79 degree backyard with a towel and do some Yoga.

    I wish, the rain is falling and it is:
    Wind: SW at 0 mph
    Humidity: 97%

    SOOOOO…. go outside enjoy your sunny skies. I’m going to go sew my daughters Halloween costume. Think I should sew in some fleece lining? hehe 🙂

  6. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Some whine,others like myself sulk. We don’t say a word,but we are miserable to be around. I strained a muscle in my foot last spring,I wrapped it with athletic tape–for workouts and to work. It helped a lot and allowed me to get my workouts in while my injury was healing. Might not work,just a suggestion–hope that your foot feels better.

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