On every lawn in this very conservative California farming town in which I live, is a sign that says “Vote Yes on 8”.  Everywhere.  I think there are 97% Republican, and the rest are, well…Democrat or other.  There are 12 churches and one bar.  Most businesses used to be closed on Sunday until about 5 years ago.  Many still are.

I was raised in a hotbed of Republicans.  I married two of them.  Yet, all along, there has been an opposition to this in my heart.  I’m not sure I’m a Democrat, but I qualify myself now as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.  I like all the programs, but don’t want to pay for them.  Officially, I’m not either.  I’m an Independent.  However, I didn’t do that, the universe or the people who run my town did it.  Who knows.

So one of my boys says this morning that I should vote Yes on 8, and what does that mean, Mom?  (They are 11 & 9).  I explained what gay marriage was, and their faces, all contorted were horrified.  They go to a very conservative Christian school…one their father and his father and his father went to.  Or is it his mother?  Anyway, my boys were not getting it.

So here was my analogy.  Skewer me if you like, it was the best I could do.

Let’s say you love Snickers Bars.  And everyone says it’s OKAY to like a Snickers Bar, but you can’t love it, and you can’t unwrap it.  You can have it, but you can’t have all of it.  What would you say?

They cry…MOM!  That’s so unfair!  How can you take that from me and not let me have it?

My weak attempt to explain this, sort of worked.

Vote No on 8.

*PS-Boys and I went to the gym.  Taught them how to do the bikes, elliptical and treadmill.  My 11 year old ran for 10 minutes at 6.0!  I was so excited for him!  Mom ran too!  Not long, but I think it’s going to happen soon.  Maybe tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “snickers love

  1. Mr McG is the same way. On the conservative side. I have no idea how we manage to be married sometimes HAHA. I guess we agree to disagree.

    My 4 y.o just started asking questions about being married. She asked if she can marry her girlfriend at school LOL. She’s still too young to “get” the whole straight/gay thing, but if either kids end up being gay I hope they will have the opportunity 🙂

  2. that is a great way to explain it to the young kids… i imagine that is a hard thing to explain but its definitely necessary! hopefully our votes pay off tomorrow!

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