This YouTube will probably be on every other blog today, but this was one of my favorite running songs this summer, and my students will be reading the lyrics in class. 

I was given this shirt by my neice and her fiance (the last Republican in Hollywood, and the author of Brett Favre Chili) this summer, and a pall came over the nest of Republicans sitting at the dinner table.  I put it in the Salvation Army bag because over the last few weeks, I had changed my mind to McCain.

Today, I wear it to school, because I’m nothing, if not loyal to my President.  I’m American that way.  That’s my sister, who totally cheats at Scrabble by *losing* letters, but that’s another post…


2 thoughts on “Yes. We. Can.

  1. I am a bit like you I suspect. I did not vote for GWBUSH, but once elected I felt an obligation to support him. This time the candidate I voted for won, so I guess I can continue. We all have to learn to accept the fact that we do not always get to choose our leaders or our parents….but we can still be good humans. Thanks for the wonderful post.

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