I took the day off.  Again.  I have 10 days a year, and I’m almost out of them.  Yesterday, a student threatened me with his tone and words, and I was, for the first time…rattled.  My cop-guy came in and walked over to my desk as I almost erupted in tears.  I didn’t.  I won’t…but it was close.  My students could give a shit less about the class.  They are bored and stoned.  I am not the teacher on Freedom Writers, or Stand and Deliver, or TEACHERS, or any of those movies.  I am a regular teacher.  Looking for a new career.  Seriously.

My sister is very ill.  She is a diabetic, and was nearly lights out last weekend, with sugars at 25.  She is having a hard time breathing, so I came to LA.  I’m also going to a party, but I wanted to be with my family.  Funny thing though, every time I go somewhere, it costs me an extra $200 because of my dogs.  Sure wish they were the type of dog to, you know, hang around in the yard.  Oh no, no, no.  They will jump the fence looking for me, or bark as if I’m in the house IGNORING them.  So, off to the doggy day care they go.

I left Northern CA at 10am.  I didn’t arrive in the valley until 5:45.

  • I stopped in Fresno to visit my bff.  Seriously, Cathy and I have been friends since the early 80s, when we were both married.  Then I divorced, she didn’t.  She divorced, Mississippi man moved in with me, I lost a baby, she lost her job, I remarried, she took a job out of town, I started having kids, she got a boyfriend, I lost my husband.  Today, we realized for the first time, we are both single.  At the same time. 
  • Then I got a wild hairThe Fresno Eye-Q Half Marathon is Sunday.  I paid $50.  So, I drove on over to the Expo, picked up a long sleeved wicking shirt and hat, and schwag.  A box of raisins, a packet of Electrolyte stuff, 2 chapsticks, a hat.  That was it.  No Turkey Gravy.  This lady was standing in line with me, and said her sister was coming to run.  So, I asked her if she wanted to run and take my pasta dinner, and she said “sure”.  So, Linda Vermeulen will probably have a fantastic race time (she is a soccer player).  However, it’s not me.  Dammit.
  • Then I got another ticket on the way down here.  Going 86mph and tailgating.  I was so pissed, and the cop was a jerk, and he pulled both of us over.  Hey!  How come she is BEHIND me if I was tailgating her???  It was on the Grapevine, so I know I’m sunk.  It’s my 4th ticket this year, and I just did traffic school last week.  Online.  I can’t do it again for 18 months.  I got a letter from the DMV this year…

“We’re sorry to see that you have chosen to disregard the very laws you agreed to uphold…” 

I’m sure I’ll be getting another letter.  Dammit.

Since my foot is better, and I ran a few this week, I will try to run the Calabasas Classic 5K on Sunday… If I don’t overfill the belly with my Mom’s cooking, and general disregard to my body when I come down here.  It is beautiful there.  My brother in law says at dinner tonight, “It’s only 3 miles!”  HAHA.  Only.  We’ll see how I feel on Sunday, and if the clan will be cooperative.

18 days until my court debut.  I cannot wait for it to be over.

Oh.  And that will be my last sick day.  For the year…

Happy Weekend to everyone…and especially to California Teacher Guy.  Peace, brother!  Don’t let them get you down…

**From Never Going Back Again, by Fleetwood Mac 

God.  1977.  A million years and miles ago…never going back again…

4 thoughts on “**You dont know what it means to win

  1. Wow, that’s a rough time. That student issues sounds freaky. Good luck down there…

    And yes, I’m a college professor. I’ve been teaching for 4 years, and I like college students – you can put more responsibility on them.


  2. Ms V.,sorry for the terrible day you just endured. I’ll pray for your sister,25 is seriously low! It’s great that at least your foot is feeling better,and you know your dog’s love you unconditionally(they don’t know any better–my dog use to think I was great toohe never got the “biteEric”memos from my lovely ex>) Take care of yourself.

  3. As a high school principal, it makes me sad to see any teacher so frustrated (and scared) to the point of thinking of leaving the profession. Unfortunately, until parents and communities start taking the educational process seriously and valuing it, we are going to see good people leave. Enjoy your family, enjoy your race. Good luck with school.

  4. First, this is my first visit here. I think you found my blog via California Teacher Guy’s. Thanks for stopping by. I like your blog and even if the republican video was a bit over the top, keep visiting 🙂 My blog is lagging lately. I need some inspiration to write. I have tons of great teaching stories, just no writing inspiration 🙂

    By the way. Hang in there. Good teachers are hard to find and if you love kids and love to teach, it would be a shame for you to leave. I teach in Hollywood, low income, inner city, etc. Some days are harder than others but the kids do need you.

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