I did the 5K over the weekend, and it was gorgeous in LA!  As usual!  My time was poor, lots of rolling hills (again with the rolling hills…)  34:11!  (Um, no starting chip time, but it was 25 seconds before we crossed the start…)But, I did it.  My foot is fine, and I’m back.  Gorgeous course.

Linda V.

Race: 5k (1504)

Age: 49

Full Course  
Time: 0:34:39.060
Pace (Min/Mi): 11:09
Overall Rank: 466
Female Rank: 194
F45-49 Rank: 14

Oh, the *other* Linda?  She didn’t run the Half Marathon in Fresno.  Musta chickened out.

Felt great to be back.  Now, if I only didn’t have to go to work…


Field Placement: 466 / 696 (67%)
Group Placement: 14 / 31 (45.2%)
Gender Placement: 194 / 348 (55.7%)

8 thoughts on “Calabasis Classic

  1. Sorry about the work troubles. (And your sister’s recounted below.) Great job on the race and the healing foot. Too bad “you” didn’t run that other race. It would have been impressive to have two race times to report. Cheers.

  2. I don’t think that’s poor time! You need to say: “My time rocked – in light of all those silly hills” 🙂

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