How Californians see America

Here are some of my favorite bloggers.  I seem to really really like the “Religious Nutballs” section of the country for some reason…

This post is about my favorite bloggers:  Runners & Not.  Thank you.

I’ll bet you thought this would be another post about Veteran’s Day, huh?  Wrong!  I just wanted to give a little shout out to all the great runners out there, who continue to inspire me every day.  On this Veteran’s Day, I just want to say Thank You for serving your running community (me).

California (awesomeness) girl

Those boys (1) and (2) from Maine …they’re always, like…RUNNING in Ice and Snow.  Brrrrrr…(I’m partial to you two…)

Religious Nutballs from Nebraska, specifically…Husker 1, 2 &

Viper and Nitmos, who are in their own category.  (Aren’t you, like…CLOSE to Canada?)  (Secretly, Viper makes me feel young…I was sober in AA before he was born…)

(the girls I read)…Cheryl, dangerously close to Texas, and Sarah, whose dating escapades in the Coffee corner always make me laugh.  For Frayed Laces, and her youth…Dare to Tri and her spunk, in the COLD north…

Special thanks to Marathon Me…for the Sock.  Love the Sock.

For the runner/educators:  (above, Razzdoodle, Dare-to-Tri, The Principal, Husker 2 and Maine Boy 1…you serve a dual purpose for me.  When I want to read and rant about teaching, I turn to you…and yet, and yet I can peruse your running info as well.

For California Teachers, a special nod to Ukiah Coach Brown, whose voting opines I brought with me to the polls, to California Teacher Guy, whose (is it whose or who’s?) blog is being monitored like it was Nazi Germany, (YES REALLY!!!), and Robman, who has listened patiently EVERY time I want to leave this profession/job.  I don’t think I’ve said enough about The Daily Grind, who writes so eloquently about our calling as well.

…and just for fun, Postsecret, my favorite Sunday read.

I salute you all.

(… and the men and women in the Armed Forces as well.  All of you.  A big thank you.  I’m partial to the Vietnam veterans, who were so shamefully treated…, and whom I watched in 1969…Thank you.)

Thank you and goodnight!!  This will take you 5 minutes to watch…

**from Goodnight Saigon, by Billy Joel

9 thoughts on “**They gave us Bob Hope (Veteran’s Day Edition)

  1. That’s why it’s called the North Coast. We religious nuts protect the US of A from Canadians, who are trying to infiltrate our speech patterns.

    Thanks for the shout out. Glad I can help you stay young.

  2. The graph cracks me up – and THANK HEAVEN’S I’m in the coffee corner. I super duper heart postsecret. It’s what I do Sunday mornings while the coffee is brewing 🙂

  3. Thanks for finally putting us up on the map. You give Andy and I a feeling of signicance that neither one of us had before now. And thanks for being partial to us. This snowball’s for you kid.

  4. Thanks for reading my blog and the shout out! Loved the map, I guess I fall in the Nutball section and that is just fine, but I promise to force any religion on you!!

    BTW – I love reading your blog 🙂

  5. A little late here but thanks for the link! (Though I really don’t like being lumped in the same sentence with Viper.)

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