…postcards from the edge…

  • Upon receiving an assignment from me, “This is fucked up.”
  • Y., please move your seat (5th warning to start working).  “Why? I’m staying right here.”
  • T., please put away that paper, and take out your resume. “My mother teaches it better than you, so I’m going to do it with her.”
  • (after his SST)…A, where is your pencil?  “Why, don’t you have one for me?  I left mine in the car.”  (upon seeing him again at 6th period, he still does not have a pencil…) A, can I have your assignment?  “Why? I don’t have a pencil.”  Well, I will write your name on it, and show your Mom what you’re not doing in class.”  <blank stare>
  • “Why do I have to do this book?”, Because your internet privileges were revoked after your foray onto MySpace.  “But, why?” <blank stare>
  • <<<insert passive aggressive pencil tapping here>>>
  • “Why can’t I listen to my iPod?  We’re not doing anything in here.”  No, YOU are not doing anything in here.  If you were doing something, you’d be doing it.  D’oh.
  • “Ms. V, you’re the only teacher who won’t let us say the F word.”  Huh, really?

And today’s favorite, after watching Grease in my elective…

K:  Ms. V, I can’t answer these questions because I wasn’t here.                                          
Me:  You weren’t here?  We just finished the movie RIGHT NOW, and you are HERE NOW.

K:  No Ms. V.  I wasn’t.

Me:  Oh.  <blank stare>  (mine)

 I’m off to Edjoin.

**Lyrics from Teacher, by Jethro Tull

2 thoughts on “**No sense in sitting there hating everyone.

  1. It might be just me, but you need a better class of customers. Life is too short to deal with other people’s parenting problems.

  2. ok – first of all, I laughed so hard at your comment on my most recent post! No NIke doesn’t hand those out!! ha ha. And all I have to say about your job – you’re a saint.

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