This had to be one of the first 45s I owned.  Either that, or Dizzy.  Tommy Roe.  I was in love with him.  My boys and I were out tonight getting haircuts, a new pair of shoes, an ice cream…and we were listening to an Oldies station…well, at first we were listening to Easy Come, Easy Go by George Straight, and Gymnotes #1 says that the song makes him think of his Dad and me, and could we please change the station.  We listened to the Beatles (Something), and the Eagles (Take It Easy)…when Tommy Roe came on the radio.

I had to stop the car.  Ever have one of those songs stop you in your tracks?  It’s Sweet Pea for me.  They had to get Starbucks gift cards, so they wanted to get out of the car, but I had to stay.

I’m downloading all of Tommy Roe as I type.  Your first music.  There’s nothing like it.  I’m seeing my cousins in Monterey, in our Duro-Dyne shirts, before my oldest cousin dropped acid, and the rest of us were subject to their parents’ horrible relationship.  Before we knew there was no Santa Claus, and when Go Ask Alice came out on the best seller list.  Before the world started spinning a different way.  Before Hippies and Vietnam…or before I knew about them.

A sweet time. 

My world is starting to spin another way, and I’m finally realizing that I might yet love again.  I’m not ready, but I’m ready for whatever God has in store for me. 

I start realizing this when one of the girls I sponsor in AA drinks again.  Or someone close to our group drinks again.  Alcoholism.  A wicked disease.

…and I remember that I am one of the lucky ones.

Happy Friday…


4 thoughts on “1966 all over again

  1. That is one of the things I love about music, it stirs up so much emotion, different for each person. This is the boys innocent time and I wonder what they will reflect on when they listen to the music of today in 35 years…

  2. Sounds like your world is spinning in a good direction—sending you lots of smiles, no matter where God send you.

    And I think it was you that suggested doing yoga right after a long run—thanks for the tip!

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