Postcards from the edge:

1st period:  Today’s topic:  Racism…Alive and Well  I brought in an email that was sent to me, called “How Many Mexicans Can Fit in a Van?”  Someone I don’t know well (or doesn’t know me) sent it to me.  It was footage of the border, when a van of people got in an accident, and one by one, about 20 adults fled the vehicle.  Obviously the joke was intended to mock the illegal aliens at our borders.  I could have just deleted it.  Instead, I wrote this email in reply:

Hi…I hate to be a downer, but I found this email to be another form of racism.  How many Mexicans?  The same amount of English, Dutch and Black.  The population I work for is 95% Mexican American, and we are studying the Holocaust right now, so the video and email title reminded me that stereotyping can be very dangerous…and still lives in America.   It hurt my heart to get this email today, in light of some of the things we face every day.
I won’t be offended if you remove me from your email joke list!
I brought in my reply to share with my students.  Yesterday, we watched a Power Point on the Holocaust, and it seemed to spark…I dunno…something.
So, after class, two students came to show me jokes they got on their phone…which horrified me.  One was a picture of a mousetrap with a bucket of chicken…called The Obama Trap.  The other was called the Obama Swing Set, and was a picture of a noose.  Neither student seemed to see what was wrong with it.  I said, “Do the world a favor.  Do the right thing and delete it.” 
I was horrified.  Stupified, really.  I was trying to get them to see the connection between that and Hitler’s Final Solution.  They… did. not. get. it.

RUNNING.  New topic

Frayed Laces did it for me.  She has the 53 commandments of running, and I went to print them out tonight.

I laughed so hard at #41, because I’ve been saying for a long time, I can’t wait to be 50.  That’s the only thing that’s good about being 50.  New Age group.  Better trophies.

I called Kim tonight.  She with an aching back, and me with my *yawn* foot, we are quite a pair.  We have decided we are running again on Saturday.  We are starting again.

Oh, and yesterday’s post?  Um, never post after midnight.  It’s never a good idea.

…I got another speeding ticket yesterday.  That makes 2 since I did traffic school two weeks ago.  Leadfoot.  Damn.  Wish that worked on my running.

**From Abraham, Martin & John, by Dion.

3 thoughts on “**I just looked ’round and he’s gone.

  1. 2 Words – Cruise Control

    the 53 Running Commandments – I got that list yesterday from a runner friend, I loved #41 too, but I CAN wait till 50, even though I do notice there are quite a few less people in that age group. Loved the list.

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