I was in our teacher’s meeting today.  I was describing my horror at the students’ text/emails with racist comments (yesterday’s post).

One of the counselors (!) says, “Oh I got this funny text!  It said:  Text from Obama to all white people…Meet me in the cotton fields at 6am.”  And she started laughing.  Tried to say how great it is that we now have a president that would never do that…or whatever.

My colleague and friend, “Mr. L” and I were not laughing.  Because it wasn’t funny.

Yes, racism.  It is alive and well.

2 thoughts on “racism, day 2

  1. It is amazing how stupid people still are in today’s world. I have to deal with this ignorance everyday here at school, and some of it from the people we have entrusted to teach our students.

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