So, I’m sittting here, on my last married night (cue sappy music), listening to iTunes, and love how whatever comes on, comes on.  Currently, I have 5733 songs on iTunes.  I know, I’m a music FREAK.

The first song was an old Hank Snow song, I Don’t Hurt Anymore.  (Because, well…I’m angry, sad and hurt I don’t hurt anymore…)As I was listening to it, I went to Youtube, and hit the first Nike commercial I saw, because I love those too.  The song was playing to the video of the Dread Basketballers.  Hit both of these videos… and watch the Nike, as you’re listening to Hank Snow (good stuff, that old country music…)

A great mix.  I think I should do this for a profession from now on…Nike?  My version is much cooler, and you have to hit the Nike twice to hear the whole song…

(PS-Kim and I ran 2 miles, it took forever, my heel was on fire…but I didn’t care.)

Tomorrow ends a 30 year relationship.  He was my boyfriend in college, my first amends when I was newly sober, my love, my friend, the father of my children, my enemy, the one I hurt (and who hurt me)…and now. 

Now, we say goodbye to this chapter.  Time to turn the page.

It don’t hurt anymore
All my teardrops are dried
No more walkin’ the floor
With that burnin’ inside
Just to think it could be
Time has opened the door
And at last I am free
I don’t hurt anymore

No use to deny I wanted to die
The day you said we were thru
But now that I find you’re out of my mind
I can’t believe that it’s true
I’ve forgotten somehow
That I cared so before
And it’s wonderful now
I don’t hurt anymore


Can’t wait until I can feel that.

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