***DISCLAIMER*** Never post after 10pm.  It’s not a good idea. 

Well, I ran yesterday.  It was fabulous.  Wet, misty, 52 degrees.  Perfect weather.  People are driving home, and I’m sure they are thinking I’m a crackpot.  I don’t care.  I felt divine.  My foot hurt at first, but you know what?  I’m so over that.  Then it didn’t hurt.  Then I ran.  The only thing that hurt was my throat.  How the hell do those Maine runners (1) & (2) run in freaking snowy conditions?  I thought my throat would freeze over.  Okay, that’s a little overdramatic.  K.

So, people say that you will be relieved that the divorce is over, that you’ll be glad.  Um.  Yeah.  About that…I am in a fog, I haven’t come up for air.  I felt like a ton of bricks was lifted off of my shoulders, but that was just the court part.  Now I have the grief.  Thanksgiving was over, and now.  Now it’s Christmas.  It’s been several months long, but that was the separation.  Now it’s real.  It’s legal.  And it’s harder.  Harder than I thought.

So, yeah…I wish I were more chipper (wait, is that supposed to be *was* or *were*?), but I’m not.

Here’s the sappy part of the program.  This is a man I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life, and even though we are so not supposed to be together, I really miss him. ***(DISCLAIMER, above)


I love this version of I Will Survive.  Gotta love Cake.

**lyrics from I Will Survive, by Cake

4 thoughts on “Did you think I’d crumble**

  1. lots of hugs and good thoughts being sent your way!!! hang in there 🙂

    i dont know how those people run in the snow either! i ran this morning and it was low 40s and it was cold!! i could see my breath 🙂 haha. we are lucky over here in cali!

  2. Chin up girl. The hard part’s over with. Hang on to running, your friends and all the little things in life that makes it worth living!

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