hey mis v i dunno if you remember me buh i was just kumin through to tell you that you made such a lasting impact on my life ;] your a great teacher keep it up.

Compare that with

Ms. V is a bitch

The first note came to me from a student who was one of the most brilliant student’s I’ve had, but we knocked heads quite a bit.  She is now a sophomore, and contacted me yesterday.  She sometimes struggled with me, because I tend to be…hmmm…a bit unbending at times.  There were times, I’m sure that she felt what the author of the second note felt.

The one who wrote the second note?  Could have been any or all of my current group.  Yesterday, I had a student complain that I was the meanest teacher ever.  I looked at him and said, “Aren’t you 18?  You are free to go.”  He walked out of the class, but didn’t leave.  I came out, gave him a piece of my mind, and said…”Dude, YOU are the problem.  Either come in and work, or find somewhere else you can work.”

He came back, but by then, third period was off the hook.  I wrote 4 referrals.

You just never know.  He may have learned something.

6 thoughts on “notes

  1. I’m glad that your foot is doing better. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Keep up the good work with the kids–they may not always show it but I know that they appreciate your caring for them even though it’s usually challenging.

  2. wow you are a saint. i cannot imagine dealing with that… i guess that first note makes it all worth it though right?!

  3. ITA with Aron. Do you just become numb from that stuff after awhile? I can’t even imagine dealing with that (the negative)

  4. Man, teachers are so unappreciated, but it sounds like you’re doing a good job. Their own personal Ms. Holland 🙂

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