I love the Fresno Beehive.  Remember in October, I won tickets to Randy Travis at the Fresno Fair?  Well, this girl has won 4 tickets to the Tableau “A Cirque Fantasy“, tomorrow!  My kids are going to be psyched, and this couldn’t come at a better time for us.

Last night, we had spicy tacos (a staple in my childhood home every Friday night), and some killer cake that a friend had made.  I hung out, read Oprah.  (Yes, that’s her on the front of the magazine), they watched TV, being banned from it Sunday night-Friday after school.

I read this quote:  If you really want peace, you will choose peace.  I have been on the divorce merry-go-round so long, and received yet another letter from his attorney that he wants more more more.  I have been livid since Wednesday, since I had to give up a beautiful rental in a gated, lakeside community.  On and on it goes.

The quote stopped me short.  If I want peace, REALLY, I will choose it.  Oh, okay then.  This means I have the power.  Cue up Cat Stevens.**

Going shopping in Walnut Creek.  Time for a blissful day.

PS-There has been no running this week.  Not a weather problem, just lazy.  Happy Saturday!

4 thoughts on “**Glide on the Peace Train

  1. I hope your Christmas season is full of peace and joy with your children. As for the not running, I feel your paid. I have only run 3 times this week, and they were a stuggle: just lazy and unmotivated. The desire to run will return.

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