earthcareI know this isn’t Minnesota, or Nebraska, or even New Hampshire…where 3 of my dearest friends reside. 

This is California.  I’m serious.  It’s 47.  And raining.

…and, it’s cold.


New topic:  Christmas weekend:  Where it’s warm.  Close-by.


8 thoughts on “Holy Crap, it’s cold

  1. Ha ha! Yesterday morning here in Newport Beach (on the coast) it was 36* at 6:45AM as I was driving to my race! Now that it’s couldy and raining, it’s actually warmer!

  2. I have to confess that I’m glad to be down south again, where, even though it’s unseasonably cool, it’s still tolerable. I looked on Weather Underground at the place I left two weeks ago: 25 degrees! No thank you!

  3. I feel your stinging pain. I’m not sure where your friend is in Minnesota, but from my end of the Twin Cities it’s been downright bitter for days now.

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