People are idiots.  See that little sign?  It says icy conditions.  That’s the Grapevine from the San Joaquin Valley to Woodland Hills, and my Mother’s house.

I get up there, and I swear, there are ice patches all over the place, and people are driving 80.  I was scared to death. 

It’s amazing how judgmental I can be, considering I received 2 speeding tickets JUST LAST MONTH, and one right on the Grapevine, to the tune of $400.  Include the fact that I did traffic school in November, and you have an increase of $100 on your insurance bill.

But, I digress.

Here’s the Santa watch countdown for today.

  • Boys, in all their glory with their older cousins playing Smackdown on the Wii.
  • Christmas music on K-EARTH 101.  I listened to oldies when I was in High School.  The oldies Christmas program is fantastic.
  • As I’m typing:  Elvis, Blue Christmas.
  • Current conditions in Woodland Hills:  Sunny & 50 degrees.
  • Current conditions in Ripon:  36 & Cloudy
  • My Mom.  A saint.  Runs over to my niece’s house to retrieve 2 more Wii controllers, so that all the cousins can play.
  • My middle sister and her husband, owners of the very successful wine bar in Ventura County…drinking eggnog, playing Scrabble.
  • Qi:  A word that continues to haunt us all.  We can never remember which dictionary has it.
  • Magi:  Who knew it was proper noun?  Not me, obviously.
  • My youngest sister’s daughter, who in her teen-age rebellion, and to my sister’s dismay…got a tattoo of a  4″x4″ cupcake on her forearm.
  • Bride niece, who is FREAKING OUT because Cupcake Niece is in her wedding in June.
  • Oh, couple that with the fact that we can’t show the tattoo to my Dad, because he will FREAK OUT too, and you have all the makings of a most crazy and fun family get together!!
  • …and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Should be a fun weekend!!!!!

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