Santa watch from Woodland Hills.

  • My Mom:  Honey, what is that thing on your head?  That pink and brown thing?  Me:  Mom, it’s a hat I wear when I run.  My Mom:  Well, no one knows what it is.  Uh, okay.
  • Gymnotes #2:  Mom, I don’t really think there’s a Santa.  Me:  Really?  I’ll make sure you don’t get one of your gifts.  Him:  Oh, I THINK there is, but I’m not really sure.   (I think he’s real, if you want to know the truth)
  • In the photo below, you’ll see the picture of the front of my Jr. High School, Hughes Jr. High.  Down the street from my house, and where the Karate Kid was filmed (please see the cocktail party page, above)
  • My boys and their bikes that Grandpa built from scratch.  They rode in the coolish air, then we went for nonfat yogurt up on Ventura & Shoup.  Yummy.
  • Me:  Mom, I’m going to do Yoga at 7.  My Mom:  You can’t.  We’re eating then.  Me:  I will just eat afterward.  My Mom:  Come right now (7pm).  We are eating RIGHT NOW.  Any wonder I might have issues with food?
  • My Dad:  Let’s have a talk about your finances.  Me:  <insert whole rundown>  My Dad:  I’m proud of you, honey.  All this that you’ve gone through has taught you how to make changes.  Me:  Couldn’t I have learned that without this lesson?
  • WWE Smackdown entertaining the troops.  My boys love this show, and I abhor it…except when they are entertaining the troops.  Then, I realize how freaking GREAT they are.
  • My nephew.  Joining the National Guard on Monday.  Hated the Navy, but going back in because he didn’t capitalize on all that was offered.  He’s 27, and lost.
  • My Dad’s barbecued hamburgers.  How come everything tastes so good down here?
  • The thought of my first Christmas alone.  I drop the boys off at 8:30, then take off…where?  I will be fine.  It will just be the first time.
  • Cupcake Niece is nowhere to be found.  MizFit asks to post a pic of the tat, and I had my camera ready all day, should she come over, but no luck.
  • Last, but not least, I find a race held on February 8th in Davis (the Stampede).  I turn 50 years old on February 6th.  I looked at the stats of the 50 year olds, and by my most current time, it looks like I will be clearing my shelf for trophies, ribbons and medals.  Ahhhh.  The only good thing about getting older…


*Mom & I going on a 2 mile walk.*

*Hughes* Jr. High, home of famous Karate Kid scene.

Best Yogurt Ever.

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