The Wii Fit…says I’m 70.

Well HO HO HO!

Merry Christmas to everyone…as I go to my WineSister’s house to eat turkey and pie…I dream of this 32 being my real Wii age.  2009, baby.  Me, and all the other amateur dieters.

70????  My mother is 70!

My kids are with their Dad after getting them up at 5am, and I drove 5 hours to LA to be with my family.  Do I miss my kids?  No.  Not at all.  [Moments after I type this, I get a case of Mother’s Guilt.  Of course I miss them.  I just thought I would feel worse, but I don’t.  That’s all…]We had a wonderful week together, and when Santa dropped off the Ping Pong table early, the neighbor kid and my boys set it up in the garage for several games.

We had our Christmas Wish dinner last night, drove to look at lights, set out the cookies we baked for Santa, and read The Night Before Christmas before they konked out at 11pm. 

They went to Dad’s this morning, and they were thrilled.  We had a nice hug and pleasant exchange, and I listened to Sugarland and Zac Brown…to Merle Haggard and regular music.   If I had to hear Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer one more time, I might have had to stick a fork in my ear.  I happened to get *by accident* a Christmas music station, and when the crickets sang BLUE CHRISTMAS, I knew I was done with Christmas music!!

I had a few tears…some of regret…some of gratitude, but mostly of acceptance.

Life is good.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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