I ran this morning for the first time since Dec. 8th.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m here in Woodland Hills, and what the hell, it’s 34 degrees???  I go trotting down Fallbrook toward Oxnard, and I am seriously freezing cold.

I don’t care, because I know the longer I don’t run, the more I won’t run.  I forced myself to put on the clothes, the shoes, my watch.  I ran out to get my hat in the car, and when I put it on my head, it was a tad, um…chilly.  Got my music, got going.

Date: 12/27/2008 7:15 AM
Type: Easy
Course: Post Christmas
Distance: 1.67 miles
Duration: 18:42
Pace: 11:12 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Statistics: Calories: 232
VO2 Max: 24.8

As I was running, or whatever it was called, I reflected that for the last three weeks, I’ve done *soft* exercise…Yoga, walking.  Still eating.  and Gaining.  I was nurturing.  I am the Oprah of my family.  I have been up to 250 pounds of fun when I gave birth, to 155 when I married.  And everything in between.

Running is the only thing that balances the pie-hole-fillage, as I could eat a hell of a lot and not gain weight…I ran so much this year (almost 370 miles), after not running for 25 years.  Then the foot.  I stopped.  But, I didn’t stop eating, and here we are again.

New Year’s Resolutions are for amateurs.  I start today.

6 thoughts on “Post Christmas Run

  1. Nice year of training! Training is always a series of ups and downs–when things go bad we always remember our best training and not the lean days. Don’t get too down,keep it up,you’re doing great. Weight,I think most of us fluctuate,it’s discouraging when the scale climbs. Best to you.

  2. I didn’t realize we were practically neighbors, I’m in Los Feliz. We like to eat at Follow Your Heart, out your way 🙂

    I wish I could find a love and ability to run. Lord knows I need to do SOMETHING for exercise. I was looking at post Christmas gym deals…just for the stupid treadmill it would be worth it 🙂

  3. You’ll get back out there! if you’ve had an injury it make sit so much harder to get back doing it!!!And to try to start back during the holidays…WOW! Just getting out there to run a short run is the best way to give yourself that boost!!!

    I left So Cal and it got cold and I came to nashville and I’m in 70 degree humid weather-what is going on??? I wish I had cooler weather!!!

    i hope you are having a lovely holiday!!

  4. Good for you to get back out there! Injury takes its toll on the weekly mileage. Slowly increase your mileage each week when you are feeling injury-free.

    1 mile = 100+ calories, 3500 calories = 1 lb. 35 miles per week does the trick.

  5. Hey, you did great getting out there running in MY weather! that was the temperature the last couple of days, I try to tell myself it’s easier to run when it’s cold, HA!! The problem? It’s Cold! Keep Running, Keep Sane!

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