It’s been a great vacation.  Back to the North…again.  My Mom loves movies, and we saw these two while I was in LA…so, here are my end of the year reviews!!!

Run.  Drop everything, and go see this movie.  Slumdog Millionaire.  If you don’t weep with joy, God have pity on your soul.  Enjoy the trailer.

…and of course.  Clint.  The best.  One of my favorite quotes from Gran Torino is

Ever notice how you come across somebody once in a while you shouldn’t have messed with? That’s me.

I really really need that quote framed and put up in my classroom.  Enjoy, then go see Clint Eastwood’s last movie as an actor (or so he says).

Happy Trails!

6 thoughts on “Get off my lawn!**(Ms.V’s reviews)

  1. Yes, to both. Heard great things about Slumdog in particular.

    Saw “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” on Christmas. Good movie. Bad acting by Pitt. I’d recommend it though.

  2. Clint has said that before.

    I really want to see Slumdog. GT seems a bit Dirty Harry, but I’m not sure I can resist it.

    Happy New Year! Cheers.

  3. I saw Yes Man but couldnt drag my man 🙂 to see Slumdog.

    I need to get me a babysitter and see that one solo.

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