…because I can’t have short titles on my posts…

Happy New Year’s to everyone!  We had crazy kids at midnight banging pots and pans!  My running partner Kim came over with her crew, and we were chatting about how my foot hurt and her back hurt in October, and we stopped training for the Fresno Half Marathon.

It was about 10pm.  Kids were all watching Star Wars, and we decided to get our race schedule together for 2009.  I know, not the New Years of my youth, but it was fun, and we have an ambitious schedule!!!  In the links on the right, are all our races, but most of all, we have 2 Halfs or 1 Half and a Whole Marathon…depending on, of course…said foot and back, and if we can get in the Nike Women’s Marathon!

To inagurate my 50th birthday on Feb. 6th, we decided to run the Davis Stampede on the 8th.  Should be fun to run in a new category.  Probably the ONLY thing good about getting older!  I say, “Bring it On”!

Here is the short, tentative list:

Feb 8:  Davis Stampede 5K

Mar 29:  Elk Grove 10K “Nutrition Fuels Fitness”

April 19:  River City Half Marathon (Folsom-Sacramento)

May 23:  Modesto Kaiser Permanente 5K

June 13:  TRIX 5 or 10K in Lodi

July 11:  Escalon 10K

August 8:  Susan B Anthony 5K (the only repeat this year)

September 19:  Mountain House 10K

October 18:  Nike Women’s Marathon (if we can get in)  OR

November 15:  Big Sur Half Marathon

December 6:  California International Relay (Me, Kim, Jami, Kelly)

Is this too ambitious?  Yes.  Hell yes. 

Our deciding factor was that there would be no races with Turkey Gravy as the schwag.

Happy Running!!!


And now.  Off for my first run of the New Year!

7 thoughts on “We return to our regularly scheduled program

  1. My god woman!! I’m all worried about my 2 mile APFT with the army…
    lol and of course, Single, Hot Army men!! hehe wink!!

  2. I think it’s a great running schedule! I so want to do Nike Womens and Big Sur!!! maybe I’ll meet up with you on one of those!!!

    Hope you had a nice run!!

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