(Great song that I ran to tonight…)3 miles at 11:13 pace tonight.  Used Hammer Gel.  Wasn’t faster, but felt better.  Like I was flying…which, obviously I wasn’t.  I’m simply not fast.  Oh well.

School started today.  I said to one of my classes, “We’re doing a school to job class…because you will all eventually need a job.”  Our newest student yells out.  “I need a blow job.”

I’m tired already.

Tomorrow I have a parent conference with a Dad who wants to know why his kid got kicked out of my class.  Well, sir…we were reading the book Night, and as I’m trying to get the class in order, your son says, “You teachers are just like the Germans.”  I say, “Really? That’s inappropriate…”   and ask him to leave.  On his way out the kid yells, “You’re lucky I’m in anger management!!”

Um, no buddy…YOU’RE lucky you’re in anger management…Really. 

May 20th.  Can’t come soon enough. 


**Lyrics from “Lose Yourself”, by Eminem

14 thoughts on “**Snap back to reality

  1. OK maybe I need to try the Hammer Gel. I’d rather feel like I was flying through a run (even if I wasn’t) than the norm poop feelings I usually feel HAHA

  2. Everytime I think about going back to school to become a teacher, I read your blog – and think – never in an urban setting. I need a nice rural school – or just stick with the Cult (which makes me want to sob).

  3. Teaching is never boring. You’re doing a great job in a difficult thankless setting. Like the Germans uh,you don’t make them shower after class do ya?

  4. Every day is a new situation, isn’t it? So true in the profession of teaching, especially in your case. I too, can’t wait until the end of May!

  5. I read Night just last year. The image of the kids being pulled from the freight car and thrown into a pile still haunts me.

    Is it appropriate to say Happy New Year now?

  6. wow… there are so many cleaver come backs I could use to make that little punk feel so “special.” How nice. I’m back.

  7. Sounds like your 2nd semester got off to a heck of a start. I wish you well. I am so glad we do not have students who act the way yours do……

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