Ahhhhhhh look at my new header.  I found this image because that grey…well, too depressing.

Anyway, I ran 3.12 with Kim tonight at a 10:40 pace, and I looked down at my feet afterward, and I realized that my feet are starting to look like, well…runner’s feet.  I had a blister on my baby toe, and I had bandaged it, and it was bloody and lovely.  Ya know what?  I was proud.

As we were coming to the end of mile 2, I saw the Tangerine tree.  The one that I obsessed over last year.  The one where I stole fruit, then made my avatar everything tangerine.

That was February 16th.  I yelled at Kim.  She tried to jump up and steal a few.  In just a few more weeks, we’ll have our fill…

…and I realized, that to every thing there is most definitely…a season.

Happy to be running…

7 thoughts on “Tangerine Trees & Marmalade Skies

  1. Run like there’s no tomorrow because there just might not be…. btw.. steal me some of those!

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