Today we did a 4 miler, and looking back, I hadn’t run more than 3 since October.

It was joyful. Good breathing, temps at 50.

4 miles

Tangerine count: 1
Orange count: 2
(nice treat for after the run)

So here we sit in the broken cable car line in San Francisco. Firmed up my birthday plans with BFF from Nebraska, who is flying in in Feb 5th for my 50th, and we just got tickets for Wicked on Feb. 6th, broom ball party on the 7th, first 5k as a 50 yr old on the 8th!

Can’t wait!

10 thoughts on “Running with joy

  1. In all seriousness that is my goal.

    to finally hit the place where when I run it IS joyful and not I WANNA GET THIS DONE CUZ I FEEL SO GREAT AFTER!

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