Date: 1/21/2009 6:00 PM
Type: Easy
Course: 2nd-Doak
Distance: 2.96 miles
Duration: 31:15
Pace: 10:34 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Weight: 183 lb
Weather: 54° F, Rain
Statistics: Calories: 410
VO2 Max: 27.6


That was so fun!!!  First mile, hard.  The rest was a blast.  A blast!  As if it’s ever been this fun! 

It was raining.  This is when I’m glad I have a running partner, because I know I’m going over there.  When she came out, she said, “It’s raining, but I didn’t call you, because I knew you’d be here.”  At the Shell station, Kim waited outside, and this guy said to her, “Are you guys nuts?”  She replied, “No, we’re just runners.”  

Runners.  Having Fun.  In the rain.  And, that’s when I realized that I’d rather be running in the rain, then sitting in my car looking at someone running in the rain. 

First mile, tough over the freeway, because I couldn’t see the road, and it was slick, so I had to pay attention.  Quick pit stop at the Shell station, and after that…fun.

My son, obsessed about everything WWE got me into the theme music, so as we ran by our local hockey rink, John Cena’s entrance music came on.

Good times…fun song to run to!!!

*Lyrics from The Time is Now, John Cena

**Props to MizFit, who sent me Half-Assed, by Jennette Fulda.  It came today.

***Also to Frayed Laces who will allow us the name, Frayed Laces, Mainland for our running team.  Also, Husker Running who gave us the tag for the backs of our shirts, “We Run This Town!”

7 thoughts on “*In any weather I’m never better

  1. I rather be running in the rain, too! I get jealous on days when I wimp out because of rain or cold and I see other runners out there. I kick myself for being such a wimp. Thank you for not being a wimp. 🙂

  2. Running in the rain is always the best run I have. I dig the run, the rain, the sweat, and the cleansing….COOL. I envy you.

  3. Nice consistency with your workouts. You’re fortunate to have good workout partners,it makes the runs more enjoyable. Running in the rain,didn’t you knwo that you can catch pneumonia. You guys rally are nuts!

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