My Dad, in his efforts to try to save me some money, found some old envelopes in a chest that had been thrown away on his street.  When my sister came to visit last week, she brought them with her.

Today, I started putting the invitations for my birthday in the envelopes.

By third period, I couldn’t feel my tongue.  My fingers were tingling, and my nose was twitching.

I was remembering The Invitations.  Yeah, these invites are going out via email.  Tacky, yes.  But, at least no one will blame me for toxic envelopes.

4 thoughts on “Had she been exposed to any kind of inexpensive glue?

  1. Ha ha! Happy birthday! I just celebrated the second anniversary of my 50th! As it is said these days – today’s 50 is yesterday’s 30!

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