*Quote from MILK. 

Here’s where I digress from my normal blah blah blah about running and teaching.  Today, we ran 4, but it was ugly.  My calf froze up, and I felt like heaving.  It was hot, then cold.  Hat, no hat.  You get the drift.  Nonetheless, 4 miles are in the books, and week 2 of Hal’s training is over.

I’m getting gas, because tomorrow I go to my sorority’s annual Founder’s Day luncheon.  I haven’t done that for 20 years, but my college roommate (who I just found out has written some episodes for Cinemax’s nasty channel) called, and we said we’d meet there.  I told her if it was bad, we could leave.  (Or at the very least she could get some new material, I’m sure!…wait, do I tell her I Googled her and found that out, or what?)

Back to the gas.  A woman I know in town is asking which movie I just went to, and when I told her, MILK, she gave me a blank stare.  She didn’t know who it was, and then changed the subject of homosexuality to find out if my boys liked Hotel For Dogs.  (I gave up kid movies after Space Chimps; now the boys go one way, and I go another).

I said, “Don’t you remember the gay activist Harvey Milk?”  She didn’t.  We live 90 minutes from San Francisco.  As she drove away, this elderly gentleman, who had been listening the whole time, says “She’s too young to remember Harvey Milk.”  My reply:  “Perhaps they don’t teach that in the schools.”  I think he said, “We should.”

Here’s the point of my long, rambling goings on.  In 1990, I earned my Master of Science in Marriage, Family & Child Counseling at Fresno State.  For my thesis, I wrote the first 6th grade curricula for AIDS education.  1990.  Harvey Milk died in 1978.  My ex-brother-in-law died in 1994 to an AIDS related illness.  Well, actually, it was suicide, depression.  I’ve watched friends die…although, now AIDS is not a death sentence necessarily. 

The movie.  Fantastic.  Sean Penn was amazing.

I’m just not so sure we’ve come very far at all.  It’s 2009.  My own students still believe that all homosexuals are going to hell.  In case you’re not clear on this point, I don’t believe that at all.

If you want to watch a FANTASTIC movie, rent ANGELS IN AMERICA.

“An angel is a belief, with wings, and arms that can carry you. It’s not to be afraid of, and if it can’t hold you up, seek for something new.”


4 thoughts on “*Without hope, life’s not worth living.

  1. Have not seen MILK yet, but will when it comes out on DVD. It will not be on any theater around my neck of the woods, too conservative of a region/state.

    We should do more, but it takes a while to change people’s minds.

    Maybe the movie will help.

  2. Interesting blog today Miss V. There’s no question that we need to have the utmost in compassion for those with HIV and AIDS. As a Christian love and forgiveness is at the very heart of my belief. The book of Romans in Chapter 1 has some thoughts on homosexuality. What’s your take on it(It’s not a loaded question,I’m interested in your opinion if you care to look)?

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