German Fernandez is a rockstar.  That little place where he went to school?  Right next door to my campus.

Now you know.


Oklahoma State Freshman German Fernandez Clocks a 3:56.50 Mile
Fernandez_german80010d9a1_3 The Californian was the premier scholastic distance runner in the country last spring, but there were concerns about his well-being when he injured an Achilles tendon in last fall’s NCAA Cross Country Championships and was unable to finish. Obviously, Fernandez has regrouped quite admirably. In his first competition since the injury, he ran a 3:56.50 mile for a victory at the Razorback Invitational at the University of Arkansas. The time is actually the fastest “junior” (essentially, under age 20) mile indoors in history, bettering the previous record of 3:58.34 by Boaz Lalang. “He looked like a million bucks – looked smooth as ever,” declared Oklahoma State Coach Dave Smith. “He ran a really smart, intelligent race.” Fernandez claims “we just went out there to have fun,” adding, “That was my first indoor meet ever, so I really didn’t know what to expect …. That’s the best time I’ve run in my life. I couldn’t believe it at first.” Oklahoma State competes next at the J.D. Martin Invitational at the University of Oklahoma on January 31.

7 thoughts on “3:56 Mile. Amazing.

  1. Crap! That’s nuts! Also nutty – look how skinny he is! Freaks me out. . .he’s about the same size as the Co-Worker. haha

  2. hmm….bet he doesn’t gain weight training like I did!~
    Hey I am all signed up for the Davis Stampede, I have a feeling I will be the one to get ran over…

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