Before I come to school, I try to have at least 15 minutes of morning meditation. This morning’s meditation that follows had me focused for most of the morning. What is it that I want to say about my life when I’m 85? A great exercise…one that I gave my first period English students.

Today’s Question of the Day:  From, A Year of Living Consciously

Imagine, you are 85 years old. A visitor drops by to see you. Your visitor asks you, “Was your life a complete success?”

Without hesitation, you answer yes! Your visitor asks, “What did you experience or accomplish that made your life a success?”

Again, without hesitation, you name off the things you did or experienced that made your life a journey of complete fulfillment. What are they?

Here, in all their faith and hope, are my students’(partial) responses:

 I built my own Honda and became one of the fastest racers around.

 Seeing my brothers and sisters with their successes.

 I traveled around the world, and I had my own museum with the things I received across the world.

 My children went to college and got their major.

 My wife, kids and God were the first things to be happy.

 I was able to buy my house and a ranch and had laying chickens that was a big source of income to keep my kids warm and living a good life.

 I got to love and care for someone to the point which I would give my own life for them.

 I was a retired policeman, and I went to all my kids’ wedding parties.

 I had a great life living in a mansion when I was young and had tons of women.

 Give my kids what I couldn’t have.

 I was the owner of my own company and had many people working for me.

 I never went to jail or prison.

I doubt very seriously that the teens in a continuation High School are that much different from a traditional one. It seems that we all want a good life.   In fact, dreams can and DO come true.

If I didn’t believe that, I’d have a hard time coming to work every day.

5 thoughts on “Morning Meditation

  1. Ok, so meditation is something that I have been working towards doing…but I as good as I am at doing other things consistently I haven’t been able to do this. Any tips?

  2. That’s actually a heartwarming story! Despite the hardships and bad luck the kids have had, they still want more and better for their own kids! Thanks for the hope!

  3. It is a very good thing that you feel the way you do or some very needy students would not get a chance at the life they deserve. Keep doing what you do.

  4. Good job making them think about these things – even if it’s a (seemingly) simple hope like never going to jail or prison. Wow.

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