I’m just wondering.  I’m wondering if I run faster when people are watching.  This thought has been rattling around in my head, and came to fruition this morning.

Compare this week’s runs: 

  • Monday, 5PM:  3.5 miles @ 10:43 pace
  • Thursday, 5AM:  3.5 miles @ 11:18 pace

There were no cars on the road this morning when we ran.  No one to wave to, to thank for letting us run in the middle of the road.  The overpass was virtually empty, except for a few cars here and there.  When we run at night, everyone is coming home from work.  Tons of cars.  Gotta suck in that stomach, and look, well…like a runner.  This morning?  Not so much.  Hat on, music blaring, but just not feeling that community spirit…and wondering…

…am I just better when people are watching?  Is this the pull of a race?  Of course, my mind wandered to p*rn stars.  I just wonder if they are that, um, entertaining when no one is watching.

I know.  Weird segue.  Just a random thought that breezed through my head.

This is my last day of my first century of life.  My son put a note in my lunchbox that read,

50 more years!!!!  Love, Gymnotes #1

ah.  Sweet kid.  I am blessed by both of them.

10 thoughts on “runner’s p*rn

  1. I always run faster with people watching. I don’t know how to respond to the other thought! I hope I never have spectators!!

  2. Hi Girlie,
    With your 5k, I would advise not taking a gel. You would be better off to eat real food the morning of a race. If you can eat only 30 minutes before, I would suggest a banana. If you can eat an hour before, maybe a small piece of toast with PB. If you absolutely must take the gel, you need to take it with 8oz of water. But….some people don’t react well to gels (upset stomach) so if you’ve never tried one before, race morning is not the time to test it out. Good luck!

    And hey, my Bday is Saturday—we’re birthday buddies!

  3. ahh that was so sweet.

    I think that I do run harder when I see other runners and I certainly don’t want to be walkin when people who might know me see me!

  4. OK, that is seriously warped. Seriously.

    You do realize that in this post, you said it was “the last day of the first century of my life.” I thought, Holy Guacamole, this woman is 100 and out there on the road. I had to scroll down to figure out you meant “half century.”

    Anyway, happy birthday, and thanks for signing up for the FFFK. It’s going to be great!

  5. Toast? Gel? Heck, when I’m going to run a race I splurge with a donut! Get that sugar flowing in my body for the quick energy spurt just right for a 5K!

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