Nice run

10:29 pace
11/42 in my age group

Great race, good friends…Davis is a beautiful, warm city.

Kim (left) did a 1:01 10K, and Lisa was 30 seconds behind me.

I was never tired, not once.

I did find a cool, new website, listed on the right under 08-09 race results. It’s called Athlinks, and when I typed in my name, it had all my races and times, with links to all the races.

Sort of like Facebook for runners.

Sunday night, relaxing. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and hoping Lisa is safe and sound in Nebraska soon!

Update:  Davis Stampede Results


Linda Vermeulen Ripon CA







Also, I know I saw Sky come in, since he was in the top 3 in his age group (and #16 overall!)…but I couldn’t place him, and didn’t know that was his real name!!!  WOW!  Read his great race report!!  My report?  I finished, and felt great!!

8 thoughts on “Davis Stampede

  1. Ohhhh yeah Athlinks is cool in a stalkerish kinda way HAHA. I went ahead and “claimed” my races as well a couple months back.

    You did fantastic ;D ;D

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