Ever play Pinochle? What you have above is an excellent hand.

What I’m holding is a fist full of nines, the lowest scoring hand.

It had to happen. No jobs in California, and me. Suddenly out of one. Today, I applied at our local truck stop as a waitress, because I’m applying for anything and everything. My last paycheck is at the end of June, and I need to have something socked away for winter, for the coming thin months.

I went to Indeed, which lists every job in my area. And, I’m applying to every job in my area. I will take anything, because I have two mouths to feed, and a house to save.

Lest you think I’m being overly dramatic, let me assure you, I’m not. Faced with the very real possibility of collecting unemployment, well…if you knew me, you would know I simply cannot do that. I will work, and I will do any job. My father is a child of the Great Depression. My grandmother’s mother fed the hobos that came through on the trains in Selma. We work; that is our ethic.

So, don’t be surprised as I’m finishing up the next long three (3) months that you hear my tales of slinging hash, because I’m prepared to do it. I will admit, I will have to work on my cheeriness, but I can do that too. Today, after I finished that application that took 45 minutes online, I called the restaurant manager. I told him my situation, that as a teacher I am now out of work. His response?

Come down on Tuesday after you’re done with your teaching thing for the day. We’ll find something for you.

I don’t know. That sounded like I have a new job…and, it sounded like hope.

I’m training for a Half Marathon, in case you haven’t heard. I’ll just have to fit the training in somewhere. Midnight runs are nice, I hear. Running saved me last year as I was going through the trauma of divorce…and apparently it looks like running will be my salve once again. We did 4.2 this morning and Tuesday, with 6 for this Saturday. I’m blessed to be able to do it.

By the way, it’s not the hand you’re dealt, but how you play it. My nines, while seemingly worthless, are at least worth 1 point. If they’re in the right suit. I’m praying that they are…

6 thoughts on “ms. v’s got a fist full of nines.

  1. Great attitude Ms. V.. Your children are learning some valuable lessons by watching you deal with these difficult circumstances with faith and being proactive.

  2. In these uncertain economic times, your certainty in your ability to provide for your family will bear fruit. You’ll be working–somewhere–even after June. I’m cheering you on, Ms. V!

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