Why the Paul Simon title?  *Graceland came on just as Kim and I headed into our 2nd mile in 30mph winds.  That’s exactly how I felt, even if Paul didn’t exactly mean that.  (Bob Seger went through my head as well.) Witness the stats:

Date: 2/15/2009 6:30 AM
Type: Hill
Course: Green Bridge
Distance: 6.02 miles
Duration: 1:09:00
Pace: 11:28 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Weight: 😦
Weather: 50° F, Rain, Partly Cloudy, 30 mph winds
Statistics: Calories: 842
VO2 Max: 26.2

The first mile, I had to stop at the Shell…and she says, “You look pale!”, which of course is a head trip for me.  I could have a broken ankle on the side of the road, but don’t ask me if I’m okay, because I think, “What, don’t I look okay?”  It’s a pride thing.

The second mile was just like, well, walking.  The winds were so strong, and we were running parallel to the freeway to the Green Bridge (pedestrian bridge over the Stanislaus River).  This shot is actually on the way back, but it was a nice run, and warmer.496631347_0b96419dc9

Mile 3 had us in Stanislaus County over the Hammett exit.  We made 34:00 at 3 miles, so we knew it was slow.

Mile 4-5 were uneventful, as I finally caught my breath and, at that point, I was grateful for the wind pushing me.

Mile 6 took us back up over the catwalk at to the driveway of the Mother Ship

It’s almost 2pm.  I’m still in pajamas.

Happy post Valentine’s Day.  We went to a Big Band concert in Modesto, and eh.  It was something to do.  It’s all good!

I tip my hat to Non-Runner NancyThis run was for her, and thanks to JogAmerica for setting up the Virtual Run!

3 thoughts on “*There is a girl in New York City, who calls herself the human trampoline

  1. That bridge is fantastic!! I’d love to run back and forth across that a few times. It’s 3:30 here in Oregon and I just showered 🙂

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