I had to choose between Facebook, which is such a time suck, (thank you Glenn) and this anonymous-ish type of interneting known as the blog.  I wrote about trying to quit Facebook, and then not.

Then I realized…I’m so freaking co-dependent, I found myself trying to stay up on top of everyone’s status and *friending* people, and their photos, and the 25 kajillion quizzes, flowers, hearts that go back and forth.  What’s worse, is that if you accepted someone’s *flowers*, then Facebook gives you an “opportunity” to give flowers to every one of your friends, and it’s just one big clusterf**k of circular giving.

I sort of ranted on my sweet niece’s fiancee’s page about Obama and his foreclosure thingy, and then I realized the poor guy has to eat every holiday dinner with me for the next 30 years.  It’s one thing to rant in the blogosphere, and another when you’ve got a name and a face to go with that rant.  I simply adore these two, and know they forgive me…but still.

Over the weekend, I learned of a good friend who met her old college boyfriend on Facebook again, they’ve hooked up, and are sort of *together*, in a creepy, internet kind of way.  There’s only one problem:  2 kids and a marriage that she says is bad…now.  No, Facebook didn’t do that.  Too much time on your hands, and a bad attitude did that.  Boredom in a marriage, grass is greener…that sort of thing.

So, it was either Facebook, or WordPress and blogging (which I really enjoy).  I deactivated my account, and am happily back in the world of semi-anonymity.  I missed my bloggers on Bloglines, because I didn’t have time to read any running or teaching blogs, much less comment on them.

I’ve been sick.  Haven’t run since Thursday, and am on a massive antibiotic, because…after all, I’m training for a Half Marathon. 

I choose you, blogging world.  Facebook, maybe you’re more of a vacation-type friend.  Until then, I will yammer on about my trials trying to find another teaching job.

As of last week, I was let go, in the most odd type of way…More on that later.

8 thoughts on “either. or.

  1. great choice. I just got on Facebook very recently, but I promised myself I would not get all caught up in all the CRAP on that site. I do it more to keep in touch with family. I love my BLOG way too much….and my running buddies…..glad you are sticking with us….

  2. Hi honey, I do know what you mean about the drinks and pokes and silly beads. At first I was like hmmm, what does this do? When all it did was ask me to pretend to push more around? Eh. I can pretend a lot of things but thats just a waste of my time.

    I’ll keep up with my blog but I’ve been pushing the ignore button on all the crazy stuff. My blog updates my facebook so I’ll keep writing on one, and saying hi to long lost friends on the other.

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