I cannot believe Spring Training games have started, (we lost, natch)and Manny has just received this offerThe first game was today.  Where was he?  Discussing his options.  It’s going to be a long year, if there hasn’t even been a deal yet. 

I am not amused.  Love Manny, but stop the Prima Donna posturing, and get with the game.

On another fine note, I have a small tear in the arterial tendon of my shoulder…often known as Rotator Cuff Injury*.  Now, everyone who knows me knows that I lifted weights a little bit several years ago.  Now, I just run, and due to this cold/cough/flu/bronchitis-y thing, I haven’t run in a week.  I don’t even use my shoulder!  For anything!  I barely lift…the garbage cans!  I mean, that’s what I had sons for, right?  So what is this odd pain that has me popping Aleve like it’s candy? 

The rotator cuff consists of muscles and tendons that hold the shoulder in place. It is one of the most important parts of the shoulder. The rotator cuff allows a person to lift his/her arms and reach up. An injury to the rotator cuff, such as a tear, may happen suddenly when falling on an outstretched hand or develop over time due to repetitive activities. Rotator cuff tears are also due to aging

Oh my.  It’s only just begun.




6 thoughts on “2 years. $45 Million.

  1. Don’t get me started on my rant about how much these athletes get paid. We could eradicate a goodly amount of our national debt if we could just get them all to work for one season for the pay that teachers earned and donate the rest to state budgets.


  2. Sorry about the injury and sickness. That’s ususally the way it goes–great stretch of training,feeling great,and bam. I know that you will be back at it. Take care.

  3. It ain’t Manny. It’s Boras. My kids played Little League and Club ball with/against his sons. Nice enough guy, but he doesn’t know the word “lose”. Perhaps that’s whay he’s been so successful. And if the Didger’s really wanted him, they would have settled the deal long ago. Do the Dodger’s really have the fans at heart? Things have really changed since the O’Malleys left the farm.

    For all the “fans” that are sick about how much the athlete’s get paid – don’t blame the athlete. If the teams weren’t making money, they wouldn’t be paying. Funny how the Dodgers can pack em in every night with ticket prices now $50 and up in the lower deck!

    I’m off my soapbox. Sorry if I’ve upset anyone…..

  4. HAHA Glenn, you are so right. It also makes Manny look like the savior of his team…which he tried to do last year…but there just wasn’t enough.

    Stuart! You are in LA! Surely you know who we’re talking about?

    And in light of the opening baseball season, I now have a new page at the top…

  5. Manny is just being Manny. Fantastic hitter–otherwise,an egotistical idiot who loves being the center of attention. We here in the Boston area can tell you that as long as he is with the Dodgers(if 45 million is enough)you can expect more of the same. Did I mention he has two World Series rings and he was a huge part of those Championship teams–nevertheless,we were all glad to see him go. What a distraction/great hitter.

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