So, as it turns out, I’m sitting home in my jammies, reading the paper, having coffee by the fire, and I remember…Kim is running the local 8K in our town…because we just haven’t switched to the 5K/10K thing, we are still stuck on a 5 miler.  I remembered last May when I was running, and there she was with her kids on the course…cheering me on. 

The race started at 8:30.  It’s 8:40.  Knowing how these things never start on time, I throw on my clothes, and jump in the car.  There are 300+ people there.  The one mile race had just finished.  I look for her in line, because God knows she never pre-registers.  I finally find her setting her watch, standing alone. 

I was so excited to see her.  Probably more excited than I would have been if I had been running.  Definitely.  I give her a big hug, take her pic, stand with the runners, and realize…I can’t be standing here.  They are going to start running any second now.  3-2-1 and she is gone.

I snapped this photo of her running in.  She’s running the race of the route we usually run, and I can’t wait to hear all about it.  She is in at 45:40, which is stellar.  I go and give her her shirt.  We chat, and I leave to pick up Gymnotes #1 at a sleepover birthday party.

And I realize.  Yeah.  I’m part of a team.  Even when I don’t run.  We say to each other, “See you Monday night!”…when training resumes.  I am done with my antibiotic, and although the chest feels heavy, it’s time.

See you Monday.





5 thoughts on “Teammates Rock.

  1. Great post. good pics….and what you did was one of the nicest things a person can do for a fellow runner… there and be supportivie.

  2. ITA with ruralrunnere! Being a cheerleader is one of the coolest things a peeps could do for another runner 🙂

  3. teammates DO rock!! I realize that everytime I see my ROHO girls, and especially after cheering on Julianne today… it’s so awesome to have support from people who know what its all about 🙂

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