I hadn’t run for 11 days.  Kim and I were starting back again tonight.  She called me to say that no, she couldn’t run and had to work late, but tomorrow she could run. 

I figured I could get in the 5 miles tomorrow with her.  But tonight.  Tonight I would have to run, because tomorrow would be almost 2 weeks, and that is unacceptable in the middle of this Half Marathon training.  It’s exactly what happened while training in September.  We stopped halfway through. 

For whatever reason. 

Now, I have to do it.  I’ve paid the money for the River City Half, and I have to do it.  Plus, this would be the second time I started the training and quit it.  Just recently, my sister said, “What is it with you and not finishing books?”  I have tons of half started memoirs, fiction and self help books.  She gets a book?  She finishes it.  What a concept.

Perhaps this is my defect.  I can’t finish.  Two marriage, 28 books, 2 attempts at the Half Marathon. 

So I laced up.  I got my new shuffle *pink*…and got on the windy street.  The first 5 steps, my shins felt like they were plink plink plinking along.  I couldn’t catch my breath.  I felt out of shape….

…and then it happened.  What always happens at the start of mile 2.  I started breathing normally.  I was running.  Over the catwalk with a new song.  I didn’t even do 3 miles.  I just had to get out there.

I wonder if everyone else is this obsessed with their running?  Oh yeah, I know it’s true.  But, every day I’m out there, is a day that I’m moving.  That I’m breathing and alive.  And, I guess I’m feeling 50.  In a good way.  Like yeah.  I can do this.

So, I’m scared about the Half.  I just realized that. 
~~Carry on~~

(PS-This is so typical for our town.  The 8K this weekend?  Turns out it was a 4.8 miler.  Like last year’s 5K, a 2.7 miler.  Everyone was so excited with their time…then, not so much.  Why they can’t measure a correct route is beyond me!)

4 thoughts on “must. run. now.

  1. don’t be scared – you can do it!!!! just keep getting out there, don’t quit on your training. you know you love running so just dont think about it and go 🙂

    i totally know that feeling too… it’s always a little sucky at the start, but finding your groove is always the best feeling!

  2. Just keep beating the pavement, you’ll get the Half behind you and you will have finished it.

    I never finish books either, if I don’t like them why waste my time?

    I never get warmed up till around 2 miles either, age maybe….

  3. Any running is good running….even when running from a bear.
    Don’t be so hard on yourself….you are leaps and bounds ahead of 95% of the people living in the US…..think positive.

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