Jobs I have applied for:

  • waitress at the truck stop
  • store manager of the tractor supply company
  • banking (various-teller, loan officer)
  • any and all teaching jobs in 3 counties (there was 1)

Things on my mind:

  • Why is one sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints not enough?
  • Dodgers:  No pitching staff, yet.  No Manny, yet.  I’m not amused.
  • No.  It’s not a good thing to date your ex, unless it’s a date, and not a sleepover.
  • I’m not ready to date.  but, soon.  Maybe by Christmas.  Of 2010.
  • My house.  No job, no restructuring on the joint.  The trifecta of crap.

Running thoughts on yesterday’s 4.5 miler in the mist & howling wind:

  • The Beast:  Over the Wilma overpass, 30mph winds.  I couldn’t even look up; I just looked down and matched Kim’s footsteps beat for beat.  Overall 10:52 pace, but it was brutal.
  • High School Runners:  if only I had started then.
  • The wind:  great on the way out, insanely difficult on the way back.  We even tried to run backward at one point.
  • It rains before we run, and after we run.  Not during.
  • I love how people stare at you like you’re crazy when you run in the elements…and you stare back, like…”Yeah.  I’m out here.  What’s it to you?”
  • Thank you City of the Almond Blossoms for an open restroom at 5pm.
  • I should have stopped a mile ago.

Wednesday.  Yay for me.  On the other hand, only 9 more weeks until I have no more job.  Not so good.

Nike Women’s Marathon registration opened today, and in some sick impulsive move, and with a click of the mouse… I applied for the lottery.  🙂

4 thoughts on “deep. thoughts.

  1. Sorry to hear about your frustrations….I sure hope the job market opens up for you soon.

  2. good luck on the lottery!!! I don’t think I am going put my name in… but if I am in town I will definitely be there cheering 🙂

    I hope all your frustrations work out soon… hang in there!

  3. Christmas 2010. It’s not easy to get the old ball rolling again–but, I know you got much more on your mind. I like the way your moving forward even though your surroundings are bleak for now. God Bless you Ms. V.

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