My new favorite blogs:

1.  If you love baseball:

The Cardboard Gods

Spring, let’s face it, is a time to pray. You want to get excited about new beginnings, but you also want to hold back a little, temper your enthusiasm, acknowledge that life has a way of bringing you ever-new forms of pain and woe.

2.  If you love cool stuff for your electronic world:

Geeky Gadgets

Check out this cool clock.  I really really want this.


3.  If you love dogs:

For the Love Of Dog Blog


(Chet, my wonderfully, stupid but loyal lab.)

From treating dog arthritis, to the recalls of dog foods…I love this site.

A German lawmaker proposed on Monday a novel and high-tech way of dealing with the menace of dog poo on the streets: DNA testing to identify the canine culprit and fine its owner.

4.  If you love photography:

The Fresno Bee There

Almost daily, I’m changing my wallpaper.


5.  Lastly, one of my new favorite runners:

Annadel Runner

Not very wordy, but killer race reports.  Humilty + Talent.

Even though I’d run three marathons before, I’ve never trained for one and never ran one well so I was looking to exorcise some demons in my backyard marathon. My training cycle has me peaking for a mid-May marathon, but I felt my training so far prepared me reasonably well for this one.



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