See?  This is what I love about the internet.  Yesterday, Aron had a post about lactate threshold runs.  I still don’t really “get it”, being the sort of runner that is just really happy to finish a run.  She was sweet enough to email me privately to explain it to me…and she didn’t have to do that.  During last night’s run, I really tried to focus on what she told me.  There were certain parts that I tried to run.  Very hard. 

Runner’s World Magazine:  Great issue this month.  Everything I needed to read.

  • About what you think about when you run:  If I do my bills, then go for a run, it’s a crappy run.  I’m stressed, and not focused on my footing.  I’m thinking about how long I can hold off the cable people, and pay for my electric bill instead.  (Note, last night, I read my mag before my run, and it was a great run.)
  • About people you run with:  Let me start by saying that Kim is more of a 9:30 miler, while me…at my best…I’m a 10:30 miler.  And, she always runs with me…step for step.  However, she’s also always ahead of me.  So, I read an article in RW about being a one-stepper…if you are always a step ahead of the group to let someone else do it.  So, last night, I told her…let’s try me being ahead, and see if it does something to my brain.  It did.  When we came off the catwalk, I was flying.  Flying for me is 10ish.  She let me lead the whole time, and I felt different.  Usually I have things in my head like, “She’s 15 years younger than me, and shouldn’t be training with me.”  “She’s much smaller, and should be going faster than me.”  Last night?  None of that.
  • Eating to lose weight:  This continues to plague me.  After I run, I usually eat a bunch of crap, because, hey I just burned 600 calories.  Last night, I defrosted this FREAKING AWESOME homemade chicken soup I made…with chicken, noodles, spinach, acorn squash…it was amazing.  And, I wasn’t hungry all night.

So, last night, Kim and I do our 4.5 miler.  We decided to go over the beast first, instead of last.  We got to the first corner at only 10 minutes, and I thought…man we have 40 more to go.  But, it didn’t matter.  Perfect weather: 55ish, and cool.  As I ran down the street, I was just grateful.  Grateful to be out there.  We ran past a couple walking their dog, who cheered for us, and ended up at our Starbucks.

I have three things that I am concerned with on my runs:

1)  My breathing (usually takes the first mile)

2)  Legs

3)  Stomach/nutrition

Last night, a few hours before the run, I tried a Fiber One Muffin and FF Milk.  I had no stomach problems on the run.  I’ve got to tweak this, because we are six weeks away from the Half.  We have a 7 miler tomorrow…

Have a great weekend, and good luck to Quadrathon, LA Runner & Chic Runner in Malibu!!

2 thoughts on “Runner’s Bliss

  1. wow you can do milk before a run? That always ends up causing me major stomach trouble. I finally settled on pre-race banana and slice of bread with honey…maybe some PB depending on how long the race is or how far i have to drive!

    i can’t wait to kick this injury so i can get back to my bliss!

  2. runners bliss is the best 🙂

    anytime I can help!! it takes a while to get all the different types of runs figured out 🙂

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