At around mile 5 on Saturday, I felt the stinging that could only be a blister.  It is.  On the inside of my big toe side foot (no other way to describe where it is…the pad…there is a 1/2 inch long beginning of a black blister.  While I’m one part excited that I have a real runner foot (they are ugly, people), I’m not so happy with the thought that I’ve got 5 weeks until the Half Marathon in Sacramento.

We did a 4.6 this morning at 4:45am, VERY slow.  Slower than normal…and the blister is starting to talk to me.

What do you do for your blisters?  I can’t very well stop training now…do I pop, or not?

PS-Eminem LOSE YOURSELF has to be the best running song ever…

7 thoughts on “The topic is blisters.

  1. I’m in the don’t pop school. Get some intense moisturizer and massage that thing out. However, I imagine if it NEEDS to pop, sooner is better than later. Five weeks is plenty of time to heal.

  2. I am pretty lucky not to get them..but I’ve been hearing either duct tape or buy moleskin at the running store and put it over the blister. People swear by it

  3. I wear Wright Socks and they REALLY help me with blisters… when I do get them I drain them (poke a hole with a needle) but leave the skin there. ekkk. Oh and I use body glide on my feet too to help with blisters.

    I have the ugliest runners feet… at least right now I have all my toenails :/

  4. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t pop them. And now I can’t remember which works better for me. Sorry, I realize that doesn’t help you at all.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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