*From Shawshank Redemption

I ran to that song this week.  We did this route of 5 miles on Tuesday, and again tonight, except we did it backward.  Kim let me lead, and that’s always good for me, as I was in a bit of a funk.  After school, each boy had something:  baseball, tae kwon do…and I had baseball manager stuff to do. 

I’m trying my nutrition out, so I had the lunch I forgot at home.  PB&J on whole wheat, and a banana…and a huge banana.  I tried green G2, and it was great.  No pit stops on the run.  At all.

It was 78 degrees at 5pm, so we decided to wait until almost sunset.  I took a Power Gel before we ran, and it felt good.  There is a house on our route.  In this house lives a family who lost a son to suicide a few years ago, and I always say I silent prayer as I run by…I cross myself, and I’m not even Catholic.  Well, I do that on airplane doors when I fly too, but that’s because I’m neurotic like that.

All the way down River Road, there was not one car.  Almost to the end.  We finished strong…almost.  Half mile away, I fell, as my toe hit a cement lift on the sidewalk.  Bruised knees and hands, and yeah.  I rolled on my right shoulder.  The one that has the tear.

Came home, ate nuts, raisins, cheese, crackers and fruit in the spa with the boys.  Read Harry Potter to them, and off to bed.

I’m reading this book:    And Bono has this to say about opera:

No one has a simple life:  That’s what’s great about opera.

If you haven’t run to this song yet, download it.  You will be amazed how you feel.

Date: 3/19/2009 7:15 PM
Type: Hill
Course: 4th-BUCKS-Mistin-Catwalk
Distance: 5.04 miles
Duration: 57:00
Pace: 11:19 / mile
Shoe: Mizuno Wave Renegade 4
Weight: 🙂
Weather: 75° F
Statistics: Calories: 701
VO2 Max: 26.3

7 thoughts on “* Some things are best left unsaid.

  1. Ah! Sucks about the tumble…hope you’re ok.

    I do love me some Shawshank – it’s one of those movies I watch every time it comes on. And I own the DVD.

  2. Falling always reminds me that I’m not the gazelle of a runner I always imagine myself to be in my head. I hope you OK. Cheers.

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