Now I get to complain about the sun.  First it’s the cold, now the sun.  Perhaps I just don’t like to run, eh? 

It’s been three days since my wicked fall.  I have a bad scar…a COOL scar across my knee, but it’s not healing.  It’s 76 degrees here, and we are waiting until the sun dips down a bit, to do our final 5 miles before the Elk Grove 10K on Sunday.

I’m not a fan of posting before I run, because really I have nothing to say.  We are going back on the same Tuesday route, and I’m nervous.  That, plus we had a KILLER Mexican food banquet at lunch today, and I mean banquet.  I stole was given some cupcakes from the teacher’s lounge at the adjoining high school, and I pounded it all down.

My tummy isn’t so hot tonight.  Plus, it’s hot.  Plus, I’m lazy and it’s Friday.

Have a great night!!!

*P.S.  Just got back.  56:33 minutes, 2 hills, 5 miles.  Felt great.  Put on old rock:  Journey, Aerosmith, Bob Seger, Bon Jovi.  Found the offending pipe that tripped me on Tuesday morning.  Stole an orange, sat in the spa, found the Big Dipper. 

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